Our History

In the fall of 1929, Wix Atkinson was involved in a minor car accident in downtown Toronto.  After having to pay for the damage to the other car, Wix felt that he should be carrying some car insurance.  On the side of a streetcar he saw an advertisement for the Dominion of Canada General Insurance Company and approached them to place coverage on his car.  They in turn asked him if he would be interested in representing them in the Streetsville area as an insurance agent.  Since the Dominion of Canada was a “Board” company they referred him to Shaw & Begg Insurance Co., a non “Board" company.  Wix agreed to represent Shaw & Begg in Streetsville and they became his sponsoring company.  His first successful sale of car insurance was to Mr. N.S. McCracken.  However, insurance was only part-time combined with the full-time operation of his farm.  His office was located in a small room in the farm-house.  Wix’s wife Ena assisted in running the insurance business and the farm.  Shortly after he began writing for Shaw & Begg, Wix also agreed to represent the London Life Insurance Company.  In the early 1930’s he added Gore Mutual Insurance Company and in 1939 the Hartford Insurance Company. 

The farm property was sold in 1943 and in October of that year Wix and Ena purchased and moved into Ena’s family home on Thomas Street.  The office was located in the back kitchen.  With a more central location and convenient parking the agency expanded and selling insurance became Wix’s full-time occupation.  He purchased the Bill Switzer Agency in 1945 and with that acquisition began writing for the Waterloo Mutual Insurance Company and Massie-Renwick.  In the same period he aslo agreed to represent the Ontario Farmers Weather Mutual Insurance Company and the Frank Cowan Company which assisted him in providing insurance coverage on municipal buildings and schools.  In the late 1940’s Wix bought the Ken McIllwrick Agency and acquired many new clients in the Erindale and Cooksville areas.  With Wix out on the road much of the time, Ena continued to look after the operation of the office. 

IIn the fall of 1952, Wix and Ena traded homes with son Graydon Clipperton and family, relocating their home and the insurance office to Maiden Lane where the office was situated in a large, bright sunroom with a smaller inner office.  The agency had grown to the point where it now required two rooms.  Ena continued with her assistance until her death in 1961.  In 1963 Wix formed a limited company “W.N Atkinson Insurance Limited”.  Throughout this period, Graydon and his wife Doris both worked in the office on a part time basis, particularly when Wix spent part of each winter in Florida.  In 1964 Jon Clipperton a grandson, started as part-time becoming full-time in 1966.  Michael Clipperton, another grandson started on a similar basis in 1970 and became full-time in 1972.  That same year Wix acquired policies from the Thompson Agency in Brampton which were written through the Halwell Mutual Fire Insurance Company.  Thus the Halwell Company was added to the roster of companies represented.

The company purchased its present location in 1972 and moved their offices in November of that year.  This marked the first time that Wix’s home and office were not in the same building, as he continued to live on Maiden Lane.  Wix continued to be active and involved in the running of the agency until he was forced into retirement by illness in 1976.  Graydon was employed full-time in the office from the time of his retirement from teaching until his death in 1978.  Doris continued on as bookkeeper and assisted with filing until her death in 1999.  Michael left the business in 1983 to return to school to become a teacher.  Jon took over the business at this time with his wife Marie and they continued to grow the business and bring it into the computer age. 

In 1997 Don Clipperton, Jon and Marie’s son, Wix’s great grandson started in the business.  In 2003 Jon and Marie’s son-in law Todd Smith joined the business and his focus is Commercial Insurance.  In 2004 Jon retired after 40 years in the insurance industry.  Don, Marie and Todd are carrying on the business today along with their dedicated staff as the business continues to grow.  The companies they represent have changed names and hands since 1929 but the core commitment of this family run business remains the same to provide exceptional service and protection to their clients and the community today and into the future.